"The Longest Game" (Documentary) 2013

Meet Hal, 87; Charlie, 87 and Maurie, 87. Three of a group of friends who gather every day at one p.m. in the village of Dorset, Vermont to play a game called “paddle tennis”. They have been playing together for years. Moving beyond paddle tennis, The Longest Game takes on the ‘game’ of life, the stories we tell and the underlying forces that connect us all.

Director Camille Thoman
Producer Elizabeth Yng-Wong
Cinematographer Basia Winograd

Film Festivals

Woodstock Film Festival
Phoenix Film Festival
Idyllwild Festival of Cinema
Frederick Film Festival
Athens International Film & Video Festival (Honorable Mention)
Gasparilla International Film Festival (Winner Grand Jury Award - Best Documentary)
Grand Rapids Film Festival (Winner - Best Documentary)
Sunscreen Film Festival (Winner - Best Documentary)


7th Art Releasing





"Falling Objects", (short) 2006

A delicate exploration of the cycle of change within all relationships.

An art gallery manager, Isobel (Mireille Enos) must choose between a loving but unfulfilling relationship and the risks of the unknown.

Starring Mireille Enos, Timothy Hutton, Melissa Leo and Kevin Rahm.

Primarily exploring Isobel's connection to her boyfriend Peter (Kevin Rahm), FALLING OBJECTS looks at the changing nature of all relationships, represented also by the other peole in Isobel's life, and the vast emptiness of the landscape around Isobel, beckoning her away from a relationship that has already died.

A short film about the permanence of human relationships...a beautiful discourse on the human condition"

- monstersandcritics.com

Director Camille Thoman
Producer Nancy Hagen
Executive Producer Elizabeth Yng-Wong
DP Milton Kam
Production Design Manuela Schmidt
Principal actors Mirelle Enos, Kevin Rahm, Veronique Enos, Melissa Leo, Timothy Hutton





  "Sunday Morning", Short Film Foundation 2003

Two young men wake up in the same bed. Only one wants to spend the day together. Sunday Morning explores the awkwardness, pain and humour of the Morning After.

Director Camille Thoman
Producer Camille Thoman
DP Milton Kam
Principal Actors Andrew Illitchev, Al Davidian


  "4 Stories High", (featurette) 2004

By chroncling a few scenes in the life of "K", a young woman in her early twenties, 4 Stories High explores the themes of communication and isolation. "K" presents herself as a different person in each scene we encounter her in. At a dinner party she is witty and charming, with her boyfriend she is unstable and erratic, and during a telephone call she makes to a childhood friend, she is vulnerable but ultimately not able to communicate herself. Ultimatley, 4 Stories High widens its lense and looks at the art of fimmaking itself as a mode of communication.

Director Camille Thoman
Producer Pierre Proner
DP Milton Kam
Production Design Diana RIchards
Principal Actors Isabel Norwid, Doug Martin, Alexandra Lincoln